Friday, January 30, 2015

Danielle's Twitter Assignment

Breaking news tweet:
Developing tweet:

Standard news tweets:

Upworthy style tweet:

Commentary/analysis tweets:

 Atomic sharing tweets:
Question Tweet:

In general, I liked experimenting with different tweets. Because of my work with The Brown and White, I'm pretty comfortable with writing standard news tweets.

Again, as an editor for The Brown and White, I'm used to breaking news tweets, but felt kind of awkward using that style in this format because I'm not the news organization that actually broke the news. I like best the commentary/analysis tweets, because I best know my Twitter followers and what they would be most likely to read based on my commentary.

Atomic sharing tweets and question tweets are a quick and easy way to tweet something interesting, but in a less formal way.

I didn't exactly like writing the Upworthy style tweet. I mainly disliked it because I had a hard time finding an article for which I could justify using that style. Plus, it just appears gossipy and I didn't want that on my Twitter feed.

1 comment:

  1. You're used to real breaking news. It's artificial in this assignment, but the key is learning the steps (breaking, developing, standard) so you see the progression. For the record, you had the least forced Upworthy tweet in the class so you're talented at gossipy tweets, apparently! :) But there is something about those; the tease to information and there's a bit of a payoff but it's not as satisfying as advertised.

    Commentary tweets, you're right, you have to know your audience and followers and what they like. Atomic tweets are useful. I use those two styles the most, I think.