Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ali's Twitter Assignment

Breaking News Developing News Commentary Upworthy Atomic Question This was an interesting assignment for me. I'm mostly used to News or Commentary style, so learning about some new ones was helpful in broadening the variety of my tweets. I wasn't very comfortable with the breaking news tweet because I'm not really the one breaking the story, if that makes sense. The Upworthy made me feel a little lame, but I guess with science there's a few occasions where it would be less painful to use than others. Atomic was a little more difficult than I thought it would be, mostly because many stories about science contain technical terms and things that make taking a single fact or point of the story out difficult. This is because many laypeople won’t understand its significance without the background provided in the story. The question tweet is one I'll be trying to use more often, since there is so much uncertainty in science it would be good to get a little more interactive and get people sharing thoughts.

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  1. Others picked up on the issue with the breaking tweet too. This assignment was about the mechanics and process (breaking, developing, standard) so you know what best practices look like if you're at an organization that breaks news.

    Atomic sharing can be hard for certain genres. One thing to think about is if your followers mostly like science news, they may have entry level knowledge that makes it easier to share details. It really depends, and you have to have a good sense of your audience.

    Glad you got a lot from the assignment. Keep practicing the different forms. You'll know you've got it and you don't have to think about the style you want to use when reading a given article. By now it's really second nature to me.