Saturday, January 31, 2015

Emilie's Twitter Assignment

Breaking news tweet:

Developing news tweet:
Standard news tweets:

Upworthy style tweet:
Commentary/analysis tweets:

Atomic sharing tweets:

Question tweet:

I just stared getting used to tweeting regularly when I was an editorial web intern last semester and I quickly learned that having a presence on twitter was not only vital, but necessary to be part of the conversation in our online world. However, I’m used to tweeting once or twice a day, and I think the thing I struggled with the most in this assignment was remembering to tweet more frequently. 

Other than getting out of my comfort zone and majorly increasing my number of tweets per day, I felt pretty comfortable trying out each of the styles, and many of my tweets are usually a range of styles. I like using the conmmentary style the most because it brings the news article to public while mixing in some of my own voice/opinions. 

I also tend to use a good amount of emojis in my tweets, and that could be just because I recently interned at Cosmo and they use emojis a lot to define their brand’s style on social media. The only style of tweet that I don’t like nor use as much is the question tweets. Usually when I link to a news article it’s a commentary or regular news report.

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  1. A couple technical things. On the atomic sharing, you didn't quite do it correctly. The point of these is to call out a specific part of an article, not pitch it with a summary of the whole thing. So for example on the "20 ways" link, you'd tweet something like "I had no idea random flexing could improve my health. LINK" ... these tweets aren't about the overall gist of the article, they're about some fact in there. Think of it like sharing a piece that may or may not be that great, but you really dig one piece of information in it and want to share that in particular.

    Your second commentary tweet was great, perfect example of how those are done.

    This is new to you, but you'll get a whole semester to practice. Keep trying these as you tweet daily and you'll feel your voice emerging.