Friday, January 30, 2015

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I like the commentary tweets the best, I feel as though they're the most valuable. If people are going to retweet something from me, I have to add my own value to it. Otherwise they should just retweet it from the primary source like the New York Times or Washington Post. Adding my own spin or pulling out a tidbit relevant to me makes it more likely for someone to share my link. It's also easy to add your own quick 140 character thoughts on a topic instead of being lazy and just summarizing the article.

Upworthy tweets felt silly – there's really nothing that amazing happening out there that is going to elicit such an extreme reaction. It felt like lying.

The breaking news tweets are fine for when things are happening at Lehigh, but posting a breaking tweet for a national issue – as I did – felt unimportant because I'm not truly the one breaking the news. I'm sure people are following enough accounts that I'm not going to be the one sharing that kind of big news with them. I guess it's a way to participate in larger issues on Twitter, but that's why I think commentary makes the most sense because it's my unique take.

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  1. Yeah, breaking tweets for someone else's content feels weird. This was more about the mechanics of it. Since you did community engagement you're familiar with how it's comfortable. I like your take on why commentary tweets are so good. Sharing a link is helpful, telling them what's in it is good, but telling them what caught your eye or why it's valuable is best.