Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Week 1 assignments


Due by the start of class on Feb. 2

We did a brief overview of CodeAcademy and how it works. In the HTML & CSS section, I want you to do both parts of all six modules (Introduction to HTML, both HTML structure modules, all three on CSS). Note that each module has two sections, and you must complete both. Completing these should take about 90 minutes per module, maybe more if you're struggling with it, so leave yourself enough time to get this done.

Blog Setup

Due by the end of the day January 24

First things first, fill out this form to detail the URL for your blog and your Twitter handle you'll be using for this class.

From there I want you to work on branding your blog:

  • Give your blog a title and subtitle that reflect your blog topic
  • Choose and install a theme that fits well with your topic. Take into account imagery, colors, fonts, etc. that create moods. Do these fit your topic?
  • Create an About page that tells newcomers what your blog is about.
  • Install the Link Manager plugin on your WordPress site. Create a blogroll with links to at least five other blogs in your area. Blogging doesn't happen in a vacuum. It's done in concert with other people writing, and certainly because you're curating as part of this assignment you'll want to let readers know what else you're reading. These must be blogs.
  • Create a list of links to other interesting places you'll be reading this semester, sites relevant to your topic. You need at least five. These cannot be blogs.
  • Finally, write a welcome post. Tell people to what to expect from your blog, what the focus is. Think about your audience. Why would they want to come back? What do you have to offer that is unique?

Curation assignment starts January 25

A week for your blogging assignment runs from Sunday to Saturday, so starting this coming Sunday you'll enter your first week of blogging. As the syllabus notes, you're required to do two posts a week (you can do more if you like). I would like these posts to be on different days and spaced out with at least a couple days between them. You are free to write in advance, of course, and just schedule the posts to go up automatically when they're live, but you'll need to remember to tweet them too.

All curation assignment work starts on January 25. That means community participation, link tweeting, and blogging.

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