Saturday, January 31, 2015

Gaby's Twitter Assignment

Breaking News

Developing News

Standard News



Atomic Sharing


I thought this exercise was really helpful in making me realize how you can use tweets to highlight something specific or just the article itself. I usually tweet at least once a day, but sometimes I don't share articles, or if I do I tweet them with a standard news tweet. Although I have recently been trying to add commentary to my tweets, sometimes I still don't feel comfortable with it.

Personally, I found that I like atomic sharing a lot because by picking a phrase that really struck me from the article, I can tell people that was the detail that most interested me. I also like the commentary/analysis style tweets yet struggle with them I little more than with atomic sharing. I really hated the Upworthy style tweet. It just felt faked, forced and sort of misleading.It also felt really exciting to tweet a breaking news tweet.

Overall, I liked the assignment and getting to test out different sorts of tweets.

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  1. On your question tweet, I might have modified it a bit to add a bit more info, i.e.: "Anybody else think a Mr. Men and Little Miss film is a bad idea?" The reason is you potentially annoy people who don't care about that topic at all. If you're asking them to click, tell them what it's about. You'll find people who do care will click and comment! The question style can boomerang on you if you don't share a little bit more though.

    The more you use non-standard tweets, the more you'll get comfortable. Commentary and atomic tweets are where you are adding value. When I think about my most useful for valuable people I follow on Twitter, almost all of them are trying to do more than headline/link style tweets. Really useful skill.