Saturday, January 31, 2015

Kelley Gaston Twitter Assignment

Breaking News:

Developing News:

Standard News:



Atomic Sharing:


Although I've never been a big tweeter, it's nice to learn the different types of "tweets." I think one of the easiest is the breaking news type because there are so many breaking news stories on twitter, on the internet, on Facebook, so finding an interesting story isn't too difficult. I also really enjoy the commentary and analysis tweets because it gives you the freedom to say what you want. Although there is a specific format it's much more personal.

I would say one of the most challenging types of tweets is the unworthy type. I personally don't like the "you'll never believe what happens next" kind of tweets. Although they are suppose to hook the reader some of them end up being a huge disappointment.

Overall I had fun with this assignment and I really hope I become better at tweeting, because I've never been good at tweeting!


  1. The good news is you'll probably never use the Upworthy clickbait style, but it's good to know it and even better why you don't like them. Your insight on commentary/analysis tweets is correct. It's how you inject a little bit of you into the sharing. People are following you on Twitter, so they expect a little of your voice with sharing.

    The examples you have here are good. Keep using them in your daily tweeting and you'll get even better at it.