Sunday, May 3, 2015

Gaby's glass recap

1. Phase 1: photo video 

2. Phase 1: Tweets

3. Phase 2: Process Video

4. Phase 2: Glassumentary

So working with google glass was fun, but sometimes the first person videos didn't necessarily turn out great, especially if the person moved their head around a lot. But, they work really well for telling a first person story. I think Glass could fit into journalism if journalist used it to make first person videos and feature interesting processes and the people who do them. It might be good for it to have better video quality but it works.
I think experience with glass might not directly translate into other new gadgets because these seem to be more focused on watches, so they don't offer that first person perspective, but it would apply if they ever refocus to something that can provide a first person point of view video.

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