Monday, May 11, 2015

Kelley Glass Projects

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Day with Glass Part 1: 

Overall I really enjoy Google Glass. I think it's a really neat device and I'm happy I got to experience it. I think my favorite project I did with Glass was the process video. I had a lot of fun when doing the assignment, however, it did get frustrating at times to teach my sister how to use the device. I think that was the hardest part of using Glass- teaching others who were not familiar with the device how to use Glass. Although some people understood how to use it after a couple minutes, others' just couldn't get the hang of it.

I think it terms of journalism, it may be difficult to use Glass, not because the device is difficult to use necessarily, but because of its presence. Say a person was recording news or a breaking story off of Glass, the device itself is a bit distracting and it's difficult to get the right shot of a person when you're filming because the screen is so small. I think it could be used if a journalist is working on a documentary or a feature story. Otherwise, I am not sure how Google Glass would fit into a journalism career.

I think Google Glass could be a really awesome device for journalism, but would need a few changes. For example, the appearance itself. While it's big on the head, the screen is very small. I would rather carry around a video camera than wear Google Glass on my head when telling or recording a story to be honest. Although it's easy to transfer photos and recorded clips to a computer (which is an advantage of Glass) I think most people have a problem with the way Google Glass looks when on and aren't willing to wear it in public. At least, that's what people told me when I asked them what they did and didn't like about Glass.

I think Glass is neat because it combines video recording, photo taking and sharing all in one. We see this with almost all Apple products including Iphones, Ipads, etc. What's different about Glass is that it's a hands-free device. Besides swiping and tapping a couple times, you really don't need your hands, which is nice. This means you can record while using your hands to write down notes or whatnot, which is important in terms of journalism. I think Glass will make a comeback in the future, but the biggest concern is just the way it looks and the small screen. If these two things are fixed I believe many people will start looking to buy Glass, because it really is cool technology.

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