Saturday, April 11, 2015

Emilie's architecture through Glass video

For my Google Glass Day 2 assignment, I got to look at some of the projects that architecture students are working on in the studio. Kathleen is an architecture major and is currently working on a light model in her class. She came up with the idea based off of one of the class's previous projects, and it inspired her to first make a computer model of the light building. The building is designed so that the light comes through the windows at different angles throughout the day and makes cool looking designs along the buildings. She is in the process of making the computer model come to life and the video shows her cutting and measuring the cardboard which are the walls of the structure. Showing her how to use Glass was fairly easy she was really interested in the idea and I think it was able to capture how she uses an exacto knife very preciously for all of her work. Architecture projects require long hours of tedious work and it's cool to see her create the model through her perspective.

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