Monday, April 20, 2015

Turning in Glass assignments

We're nearly done with the Glass phase, although most of you are still working on your Glassumentaries.

I haven't told you how to turn these in completely because your time with the device is so staggered. Plus the process video is subject to revision. So here's what I'm requiring to get this finished.

1. Glass process video revisions are due May 8. When you've uploaded your revised version, I want you to tweet out that link with a social media optimized pitch and link.

2. When you finish your Glassumentary, do the same - SMO pitch and link.

3. Once you're done with #1 and #2, I want you then to create a post on this blog that puts all of your Glass projects together as embeds (including your stuff from Phase 1). Also include your Glass tweets. In that post, I also want you to write about 500 words. We know the Glass project has been put on hiatus but wearables with cameras are not going away. Answer some of these questions and anything else that comes to mind.

  • What was the process like?
  • Where do you see this fitting into our journalism of the future?
  • Is Glass viable for journalism as is, or would it need changes to work better? 
  • So Glass is on hiatus. Can you think of ways this experience translates to other technology, gadgets or products on the market and used by journalists now? Where could you apply these skills in your work?

Get these posts up by May 11.

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