Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Austin's Timeline: Obama's Presidency

This is my second time using the Timeline feature, so I was already a little bit experienced with how to use the technology, but it was my first time doing the entire thing by myself. It's a good idea to be able to just place all the info into a Google spreadsheet and have it create itself automatically. Google Sheets can be a little clunky at times though, so it's sometimes annoying to paste all the info in there, but it's a whole lot easier than it could be.

To find the key events for my timeline, I looked at other timelines of events during Obama's presidency (on various websites, not timelines made through Timeline JS). I compared a bunch of different ones to see which events they had in common to determine which were the most important, but I also used my own judgment based on what I thought was most important. As for photos, I mainly used the Getty Images creative commons search because it had a much wider selection than Flickr. It also was a lot easier to use...I couldn't figure out how to get the embed code from a photo on Flickr. I would just search key words from the event I was trying to find and it would often have at least a few related photos. It wasn't too hard finding ones for available use though. Overall, I enjoy using the technology as a way of displaying info because it's very visually pleasing and relatively easy to use.

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