Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cooking with Glass

For part 2 of the google glass practice assignment I was in Philadelphia the entire weekend because I went to visit my sister for Easter. Since I was not at school I had a tough time deciding what I was going to use glass for in Philly. Then, I realized how much my sister enjoyed cooking and how she always said it's one of her greatest skills. Therefore, I thought why not use glass to show her cooking.

To be honest, teaching her how to use glass was quite frustrating. For some reason she just didn't understand how to use the device. Every time she was close to recording she would stop the video or touch the side of the google glass and mess everything up! She finally (sort of) understood the device and used it when she was cooking. Although she made a number of  meals on Easter, I used the process technique to show the different things she was making. Since each meal took about 30 or more minutes, I only had her record certain things, such as chopping and slicing vegetables/ grilling, etc. Overall, although it took some time for her to get use to, it was fun and I enjoy google glass.

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