Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Day With Glass Part 1

Overall, I think Glass is a really neat device in terms of its capabilities, and although it didn't take too long to understand how to use and work Glass, it was a bit difficult due to its size. The lens, in general, is very small and depending on one's eyes and face, being able to see the screen and its clarity differs for everyone. I realized that most of the time I had to squint my left eye in order to see the screen better with my right. I think it's great that our class has the opportunity to learn about Glass, but I am not sure that I would actually buy the device if I had the chance (in comparison to other technology out there).

To be honest, I enjoy the photos and videos that I take on my iPhone better than the ones with Glass. I realized one of the problems I had with Glass is that because it's hard to see the screen, I was unable to get the right angle when taking a picture, or it wasn't zoomed in close enough. Since Glass does not zoom the only way to get a close enough picture is by moving closer to the object, however, even when I did this the picture still didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. When I use my iPhone I have the ability to zoom in with the touch of a button and I can see exactly what the photo will look like before I take it.  With Glass, I was unable to see what I was taking a picture of because of the size. I also felt like Glass took a bit longer in terms of taking a picture or video. There was a hesitation before capturing.

Wearing Glass all day was a bit strange. Since it was a blizzard on the day I wore Glass, I didn't spend much time outside, but I was often in buildings and my own house. When I first walked downstairs to my kitchen my friends were very confused. They had never seen the device before, but when I told them what Glass was they thought it was actually really cool. When I was using the device in front of people, I often heard laughs because my eyes would be directed upwards and people said I looked funny, but I didn't care because I knew these people. When I was in public with strangers, however, I felt a little awkward at time, maybe because everyone kept wondering what type of glasses I had on. I think being in public with Glass and actually wearing them was the hardest part about this experience. Although I thought that by the end of the day I would forget they were on my head, I didn't. I knew they were there the whole time and they were pretty distracting.

I think one of the advantages about Glass is that it's very accessible. When you are wearing them all you have to do is tap, swipe and you can take a picture right then and there. With other devices, like a smartphone, laptop or computer you have to wait to turn the device on, go to a certain app and then take the picture. It's a much longer process I would say with other gadgets in comparison to Glass. A disadvantage would be the public appearance of the device. If you wanted to sneak a picture of someone with a smartphone, it's not very hard to do, but when you have Glass sitting on your head it's very noticeable and people realize what you are doing. If Glass was designed a bit better I think it would be a huge success, because most of the people I talked to when I told them about Glass said that they would probably buy the device if it didn't look the way it did. In conclusion, wearing and using Glass was definitely an experience and although I don't know everything about the gadget, I hope to learn more about how it works.

Through glass video:

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