Monday, March 30, 2015

Livestreaming Video Summary

For the Livestreaming Video assignment, I used Meerkat to give a live tour of Lehigh's campus and their buildings and I used Periscope to show my viewers multiple perspective student tours that were happening all day. While walking around, I noticed some people were looking at me wondering why I was talking to myself with my camera pointed at them, but this didn't phase me. And although I did not get much interaction when I was showing Lehigh's buildings, I did end up talking to a prospective student who came up to me with her parents. I got it all on camera while livestreaming too! They asked me about Lehigh and if I enjoyed my years here (obviously I said yes), so for those of you who were watching you probably heard me talk up Lehigh!

I think some of the reporting assignments that I could see myself using Meerkat for would be any event or activity happening. This could include sport games, breaking news, concerts, meetings…etc. I think the live streaming could also be interesting for just regular stories, either about a person or a group. Honestly, I think Meerkat or Periscope could be used not only for dramatic events but for mundane things as well. If the event is very dramatic and the reporter is running around and moving to various locations then livestreaming may get tricky due to shakiness and movement. Of course the most challenging thing about the app is that you cannot go back and edit the video, so you have to be prepared for whatever happens.

The fact that we live in a society where everyone is capable of doing livestream video and distributing it is almost overwhelming, but exciting. Our technology is so advanced that I can log into an app like Meerkat or Periscope and have people from around the world watch what I am currently doing, and vice versa. Today, I had people commenting and writing to me from different countries in class while I was livestreaming. It's just crazy to think that one app can connect you with people that you probably will never meet in person. Also, I noticed that using the app got me more followers on twitter, and that is always a plus!

Overall, I had a lot of fun with both livestreaming apps. I think both are really cool to use and I would't mind checking out other people's livestreams. I definitely would want to use this app when attending a bigger and more entertaining event, like a concert or festival.

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