Thursday, March 26, 2015

Emilie's Day With Google Glass Assignment

Learning curve: Learning how to use Google Glass was awesome, although not easy at first. Although we practiced taking videos and pictures in class, admittedly, I was somewhat panicked before learning how to turn on the wifi and bluetooth on the phone and getting used to its features. I read over the directions several times and searched the web until I was finally able to set up the wifi and its sharing ability properly. It took me about a half hour of playing around and reading directions before I got used to the signals and could take videos and pictures on my own. However, by the end of the day I loved using the Glass and I found myself doing things and thinking "this could be a great picture to take with Glass." I think it takes a day to get comfortable with the device, and the the thing that I struggled with when making my video was the sound on the Glass. When I uploaded the video onto Final Cut, a message popped up that said it did not recognize this kind of file, so it converted it and the sound can't be heard in the video. For the next assignment I need to make sure all sound problems are squared away before recording.

Camera compared to smartphone: I think that the quality of the camera is pretty good compared to my iPhone, and I noticed that in one of the pictures I tweeted out, the lighting showed up really well and it almost looked like an iPhone photo. However in other shots they were pretty blurry and lag time was a lot longer than the iPhone. It definitely takes some time to take a picture with Glass.

Wearing Glass: Wearing Glass during the day was pretty fun when I was in a social setting, like hanging out at my sorority house or while I covering an event because people were really interested in the Glass and thought it was really futuristic. However, walking around campus with the Glass was different because most people just gave weird looks as I passed.

Advantages and disadvantages of Glass: I think it's an awesome advantage to be able to take photos and record things hands free, and if you don't have your cell phone on you, or can't use it it's another cool alternative. However, I think that actually doing activities on the iPhone has its advantages because it is way faster at retrieving information and it takes great quality pictures with less lag time.

Google Glass video:

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