Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Google Glass Schedule

Here is the Google Glass schedule for parts 1 and 2. Please note the person coming after you on the schedule, as you are responsible for handing it off either late the night before their day or early morning the next day. Please be considerate of your classmate who has projects to complete just like you do!

If you want to switch days with someone, I need to be notified in advance so I can adjust your deadline expectations accordingly.


March 19: Ali
March 20: Kelley
March 23: Danielle
March 24: Kelsey
March 25: Emilie
March 26: Austin
March 27: Sam
March 28: Gaby
March 29: Madison


March 30 to April 1: Gaby
April 2 to April 4: Kelley
April 6 to April 8: Emilie
April 9 to April 11: Kelsey
April 13 to April 15: Austin
April 16 to April 18: Ali
April 20 to April 22: Madison
April 23 to April 25: Sam
April 27 to April 29: Danielle

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