Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Emilie's Livestreaming Assignment

I thought it was an interesting experience using Meerkat and Periscope to livestream around campus. I hadn’t heard of these tools prior to using them, but I was able to live stream my way through the Fairmart library with interactions of students at the computers, and with only one live follower that I noticed. However, I wasn’t able to publish the video to twitter and I may need to familiarize myself more with the app to be able to do so. I was having trouble while using Meerkat and the videos that I attempted weren’t able to work. This could be because I had poor service in that area of the English building, so I wasn’t able to post the video to twitter either.

Although my attempts weren’t as successful as I would’ve liked, I think that the live streaming concept is really cool in visually telling a story, almost as if it’s your personal news station streaming from your own phone. However, the quality of the images depends on your service and Wi-Fi connection and they may not be as clear as when taking a normal video on the iPhone. I think that this form of story telling is really similar to Yik Yak or twitter where instead of images comments can be made on a live stream of your community. I think that twitter does a good job of balancing content with images and basically live streaming, but on Meerkat and Periscope we are able to watch to stream live which is cool. I think this these tools are better suited for dramatic events, especially because the quality isn’t great, there needs to be an urgency and purpose to get it out on the web fast. In terms of how it affects society, I think it's similar to snapchat where people can stream out events to their audience, however, the issue of consent comes into play because it may be an event or action that the person doesn't want people seeing. 

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