Sunday, March 29, 2015

Gaby's day with Glass

Learning curve: Learning to use it wasn't bad at all. I had someone who had previously had glass explain it to me again and 10 minutes later I felt like I had a grasp on how to use glass without struggling. It's really easy to use and while I sometimes mistook which direction did what, it was pretty straightforward and simple to understand.

Camera: I'd say quality-wise it's the same, but I still like my phone camera better because I have more control of exactly what I want to shoot. I used the viewfinder in glass a lot, but I still felt like I couldn't see the picture very well until I transferred them t my computer. With my phone, I have more control of angles and getting exactly hat I want in a picture.

Social Interaction: I wore it on a Saturday and I got a lot of looks from people. I had a special tour with kids from New York and they asked a lot of questions about it. When I went to Spring Fling, the stares made me really uncomfortable because Grace Hal was packed with South Bethlehem residents and everywhere I looked they were staring at me. I also went to Alexandra's Bistro and the waitress looked sorta confused when she saw them. The interactions were interesting though. I either got a lot of stares or people asked me a lot of questions. One guy even asked me to take his picture! (see tweet above). It was sort of an uncomfortable experience.

Advantage/Disadvantages: Obviously this shoots really interesting first person video but for other things, it might get hard to shoot video, especially interviews because people might forget to stop moving their heads. Another disadvantage is that you don't have as much control over composition elements of the pictures and can shoot less interesting angles.

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