Saturday, March 7, 2015

Ali's Professor Video

My video project was a bit of a rough one, mostly due to the technical difficulties I experienced with my first subject. After finding a second subject though, I was able to put together a more acceptable video. I liked my choice of subject because art is already a very visual thing, and so I had fun getting shots of Travers and his students in action. I realized after looking at my project, I framed the a-roll a little awkwardly, with Travers’ head too close to the top of the screen. Also, while I was going through my b-roll, I noticed some of the lighting was too dim, making several shots unusable. I also saw that some of the shots were a little shaky. These are things I would definitely double check next time.

 As far as editing, I found I enjoyed editing my video more than shooting it. It was fun to find ways to solve problems, organize the clips and cut the audio to try and make a cohesive story. There’s definitely always room to get better, and I felt that going through the project again with my second subject taught me things I missed on the first. Next video I do, I’d like to correct the shooting issues I encountered, and ALWAYS make sure I have memory and battery!

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