Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Kelsey's livestreaming experience:
During my first livestream, I showed the viewers the balcony of the U.C., which is one of my favorite spots on campus in the spring. I tried to narrate the footage by talking about why I enjoy that location while showing them all the different views from that spot. The footage was kind of distant, since I was videotaping people and buildings below, which were at least 50 feet away from me. I do think it looked cool, though, since the footage was kind of a bird's eye view of campus. I kind of panicked a little bit when I realized that I had run out of things to say, so I cut it off pretty quickly.

For the second livestream, I shot some footage of the stress relief dogs near the flagpole. I tried to get really close to them, so viewers could see the dogs from the perspective of someone who was crouching down and petting them.

This was the first time I've ever livestreamed anything, so I was a little nervous while shooting it. It was a little intimidating to be put on the spot and know that you had to think of what to say while completing it live. It was also a little different to not be able to edit out pauses or mistakes.

I'm not sure if I received any interaction, because I was so focused on videotaping the scene and thinking of what to say.

I think that this type of livestreaming would be best for unexpected and important events, such as a spontaneous rally or gathering. It's convenient, since you can keep these applications on your phone and be prepared at any moment on the street to use them. I will definitely keep them, for both journalism as well as just my personal life, because I think that they really increase the tools available to normal citizens who don't have expensive camera or video equipment at their disposal. I think these resources are awesome to increase the legitimacy of citizen journalists, because they can so easily download the applications, use them in their lives, and then upload them to social media and reach so many different people.

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