Saturday, March 7, 2015

Emilie's Professor Video

Overall I enjoyed the project although I had some difficulty finding a professor to interview in the beginning, I'm really happy I ended up interviewing Rita because she was really easy to talk to and film being that she's a really nice, talkative, and outgoing person. I think it also helped to bring me out of my comfort zone as I was looking for professors to interview, and I even asked some whom I had never met before or taken a class with when I learned that I was running out of options for interview subjects. As a journalist, I'm learning it's an important skill to get out of your comfort zone and interview random strangers sometimes and you learn how to get people to agree to be in video while doing so. However, for the next video project it would be definitely be easier to reach out to interview subjects sooner so that I have one lined up and I can maximize my time with them better.

After my first video, (which on a side note, I may have deleted by accident on the account after revising it) I felt like needed a lot more B roll of the students interacting in the Women's Center, the discussions that Rita was involved in, and some more footage of the environment in general. After going back to get some footage of a discussion and students interacting, as well as some more pictures of environment in the Women's Center, I think it added some much needed action to the video and broke up the pieces of her talking with visual images. Although she was an interesting speaker, I think even more B roll would have been necessary especially when the subject isn't as interesting and kind of drones on.

Although Rita said a lot of interesting things, I really trired to cut out as much as possible and just strung the few really interesting and important sentences together to shorten the video. I think that going foreword in my future video projects this can be done even more, and I'll get better at cutting out the "ums" and pauses that are unnecessary in the video. The biggest thing I wish I could change out this video is the couple of split image and video frames that appear when I added my pictures as B rolls. I think that by taking videos of still images in the futures instead of pictures will fix this problem, so I really want to in cooperate that into my next video so that it doesn't appear like it did in this one.

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