Saturday, March 7, 2015

Austin's Professor Video

This was a very interesting experience as it gave me another chance to refine my video skills while still using a phone to do the shooting. I know next time I'll do a better job of contacting people earlier, as I had a problem with professors saying no or not responding.

As for the actual video, next project I'll look to refine my audio skills. I liked the variety of b-roll that I got, and my a-roll seemed pretty good too, but I had a little trouble with how loud things should be. Bumping up the volume of the a-roll and decreasing the volume of the music should help. Also, learning how to use a little silence or just use the sound from b-roll will be good techniques to apply in the next video so that it isn't just a full video of a-roll and no time to breathe.

Overall though, I liked what I produced and look to continue some of the skills I applied to this video. It was a little awkward at first getting up in the professor's face for close shots, but after a while I got used to it. Seeing the final project and all the clips I got was very rewarding, and I hope to recreate that feeling with the next video I have to complete.

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