Friday, March 6, 2015

Video Summary

Here is my original video if you haven't seen it. I had made edits and uploaded it on YouTube earlier today, but for some reason it never published on YouTube. When I went back to Coppee, it was locked and I was unable to get in (just my luck). Fortunately I did not make too many edits to the video because my ultimate goal was to get more B roll when Professor Zhang was teaching in class Thursday, but since the school closed Thursday, this was not possible. One of the edits I did do today was cutting the part at the end when Casey Johnson says his name and year. I had a title for him already, so  introducing himself was unnecessary. Overall, I thought this assignment was important because it made you step out of your comfort zone. It was definitely awkward at times when filming her teaching, which is why I believe I didn't get as much B roll. If I were to do this again, I would get different angles while filming and get better quality footage in terms of lighting and positioning. When I edited the video I also tried taking out some of the professor's "umms" and "yeahs" because these words are unnecessary in the video. I am glad we have another video assignment coming up because I want to use what I have learned from this first video and improve. I don't think this assignment showed my overall strengths in terms of filming and editing. Video editing isn't the easiest, but I am starting to understand how it works and am excited for the next group video project.

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