Friday, March 6, 2015

Next time, I'll definitely take way more B roll, so I have more of a variety of angles. I thought I took a lot, but I realized that I still did not have as much variety as I would have liked, especially with the angles. I thought I did a good job with that when I videotaped him playing the violin on his own, because I know him really well and didn't feel as shy about having the camera closer to him. However, I didn't move around as much during the orchestra and quartet sections, because I felt like I was distracting from their practice and that I was kind of in their way. I know that's something that I just need to get over, since the purpose of my being there is tape them, and if I don't get quality shots, I'm not helping anyone. So, next time, I'll move around when taping bigger crowds and just navigate around them, even if that is more challenging. I also need to make sure that I have enough space on my phone at all times, because I also unexpectedly ran out of space towards the end of the interview. One of the reasons why I chose him and that I really liked was that I could show him visually performing his craft, because it lent itself so nicely to a video clip. I think that in the future, even if the topic is not as visually appealing, I will also try to find ways to make it so.


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