Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Danielle Day with Glass Part 1

In general, I think Glass has a lot of potential. It was kind of uncomfortable and gave me a headache from all of the looking up that I felt like I had to do, but it's a really interesting tool that introduces more of a first person perspective than an iPhone camera or digital camera can offer. Wearing the device took some getting used to, mostly because I had to remind myself that I didn't have to always be looking through the plastic piece when I wasn't taking photos or videos.

Additionally, the social interaction aspect was humorous. I had a lot of people doing double-takes and staring at me. Some asked what it was and I was surprised to learn that  more people than I would have guessed already knew about Glass. It's possible that they had friends who took J230 in the past, but for a device that isn't around anymore and wasn't that accessible when it was available, I was impressed with people's awareness. I even had a friend at Lafayette tell me how lucky I was to try out the device because he said he heard about it and thought it was cool. A couple of people asked me if I was recording because they could see the light in the plastic piece.

Sometimes the device was difficult to use. When it get's overheated, videos slow down and the sound doesn't match up with the picture. The quality of the photos/video are pretty decent, and once you learn how to turn your head to the right angle to make the image straight, it works pretty well. I definitely had to zoom with my feet, though, because there's no other way to get close to a subject with this device.

With the assignments, I felt like I didn't have a tough time with the short video/slideshow project. Danny didn't seem too fazed by the device and was able to talk to me pretty easily. I shared the same issue as Ali with the photos not being the same width as the video, so if I'm doing something wrong I definitely want to figure out why-- since it's not an issue of holding the camera vertically or horizontally.

The learning curve wasn't bad. Even if you don't remember which way to swipe, there's only so many options to choose from so navigating around Glass isn't impossible. I found that I actually liked using the voice activation more than I would have expected.

Slideshow/video link

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