Monday, February 9, 2015

Austin's live-blogging assignment

Live-blog of NFL Total Access

The process to live-blogging was a little easier than live-tweeting for multiple reasons. First, it was a lot easier to say what I wanted without having to worry about character count because there's no limit on a post on live-blogging. Second, this allowed me to put more of my analysis in instead of only putting in what happened. The whole process was pretty smooth though. I was able to type in some text and wait a couple minutes, then type a little more in before I officially published it. Plus, if I ever made a mistake, I can always just go back and edit it right after.

This is only the first time I've live-blogged something, but I realized very quickly how interesting of a tool it can be. Live-tweeting still has its merits, but live-blogging allows you to say so much more and not be worried about things like tiny mistakes or a word count. It makes it a lot more relaxed of an experience. I think I'll need to live-blog something a little more interesting next time to see the difference, but for now I have no preference. Live-blogging would probably be more useful where the writer wants to include a lot of opinion instead of just reporting the news. Giving basic updates of what's happening is more suited for live-tweeting in my opinion, with small pieces of analysis. I think tag-teaming an event where one person live-tweets and one person live-blogs would make a very interesting combo of content to consume. Overall, I was happy with how the experience went.

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