Saturday, February 7, 2015

Danielle's Storify

Having never used Storify before, I think it is an awesome media tool that industry professionals should be using more often. I like how user-friendly it is, and I love the ability to search multiple social media sites, Youtube videos, GIFs, etc. It took me a little while to find a story that I thought fit well with the platform. A few times I realized I was looking at too general or too big of a story and needed to pare down a little bit, but there's also the challenge of finding something that generated dialogue on social media.

I think Storify has a lot of potential, though, for some longer term events. I know we discussed that it is best used for news occurring within a 24-hour period, but I would be interested in experimenting with Storify for ongoing news issues. In particular, it would be interesting to explore what's been going on with ISIS, including the recent murder of the Jordanian pilot, or the American hostage that may or be not still be alive.

In general, I really like Storify. Not every news story is meant for it, because they don't all generate really interesting commentary that make Storify worthwhile. However, I think it offers a nice way to integrate many aspects of the media into one interactive platform.

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