Saturday, February 7, 2015

Kelley Storify Assignment

I actually really enjoy Storify. I think it's a really interesting way where you can talk about and summarize a news story but in a creative way. I like how much freedom you have with Storify. Being able to use tweets, youtube, GIFS and links is awesome and it's so easy to use. It's a way to tell the news a fun way. For example, I love GIFS, I think they are great and I think that using them in a creative way can really spice up a Storify page.

To be honest, although there are probably some stories in which Storify does not work well, I think for the most part you could turn any article or newsworthy story into a Storify page. I chose to do my Storify on the Pepperidge Farm bagel recall because it was a simple and short story with a number of reactions from the public (also food is my curation topic). I could easily have fun when making the Storify. I think for the most part as long as you come up with a creative way to publicize the article, you can Storify most articles (even though news articles are the easiest).

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