Monday, February 9, 2015

Sam's livetweet

Since I've had experience with livetweeting in the past, I decided to do something a little different by livetweeting an album I hadn't listened to yet as a way of staying inside my curation project. It was fun because I could move at my own pace and come up with comments whenever they struck me instead of trying to quickly type out what someone said. I was able to google lyrics if I wanted to reference them.

It wasn't as interactive. I used the hashtag that the band used to promote the album so maybe I'll get some views, but it wasn't something that anyone else was currently doing as well. So I wasn't able to retweet or interact much. I had about 35 tweets over the course of an 11 song, 40 minute album. I think it was a good balance. I also tried to incorporate some outside links and stuff regarding the album instead of just my opinion.

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