Sunday, February 8, 2015

Kelsey's Live Tweet Assignment

This was extremely hard for me, because I'm not a fast typer! During interviews, I usually set up two recording devices, in case one fails, just so I don't have to rely so heavily on my lackluster typing  skills. So, it was definitely a challenge to try to catch all the important quotes as he said them!

It was also a challenge to find ways to change the format of the tweets. This was the first time, outside of class, that I live-tweeted an event, so I wasn't used to that style of tweeting. Since there wasn't anyone else tweeting during this lecture, I was the only source creating tweets. I felt like I was simply quoting him and had trouble finding new ways to present the information quickly and interestingly. I think it's better to mix up the flow of information in the feed by also retweeting when possible. I think that would have definitely helped avoid repetitiveness.

I do think I tweeted a good quantity of tweets, because I had 20 tweets total in a little over an hour. Next time, I would like to slow down a little bit and do more analytical tweets. This time, I didn't process the information much, I simply reported it as fast as I could. He kept making very intense statements, so I thought it would be better to capture them than comment on them, since they kind of spoke for themselves, like the statement that Russia's the only country that could eliminate the U.S. in seconds.

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