Saturday, February 14, 2015

Danielle's scavenger hunt Storify

The scavenger hunt was a really valuable experience because it gives you an understanding of how aware you need to be when reporting in real time. There was a lot of multitasking required and the deadline was pretty tight, so I had to make the most of my time and my knowledge of Lehigh's campus. Some of the tasks were easier to complete, while others required more thinking and creativity.

The way this was so different from live tweeting or live blogging was that we had to use more than one social media network and multiple tools to be successful. There also wasn't just one thing we were reporting on during the hunt. This activity actually reminds me more of what it would be like to cover breaking news, because you are running around trying to collect information and accurately blast it out to your followers. Although we saw our tasks ahead of time, there's still a significant amount of real-time thinking that goes into the process and I found myself running around like a crazy person trying to find a creative idea for some of the tasks.

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