Sunday, February 8, 2015

Emilie's Live Tweet Assignment

I've live tweeted the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians a few times last semester and I really enjoy doing it for reality TV shows because they are really unpredictable and most of the time just ridiculous. I naturally don't tweet excessively and mostly stick to less than three tweets a day, so I found that limiting my live tweeting to only significant and relevant tweets wasn't a huge challenge. I'm very cautious of my twitter feed and try to make each tweet have a purpose and/or draws in interest. I tweeted 23 times (including 8 retweets) during the two-hour long show. My retweets came from magazine editors, an ex bachelor from a previous season, The Bachelor himself, The Bachelor twitter account, and a few other random people that were also live tweeting the show. I think that the a good balance between retweets and original posts when live tweeting is having around half of the tweets be retweets, or a little less than that. Also, I believe it's always good to have more original tweets so that your twitter followers can form their own opinions about the show and your voice while you're live tweeting.

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