Saturday, February 7, 2015

Austin's Storify Assignment

I really enjoyed this assignment, it gave me experience with an alternative form of storytelling that has a lot of applications in the news world. I always thought that a game would work well for this sort of assignment since it has a defined beginning, middle and end. Once the event started I began to think about what types of things would work well in the story. I thought tweets looked best, but adding some pictures and Vines definitely made it more diverse of a story.

One challenge that I faced was the lack of photos for the event. I had trouble finding images from the game on Flickr and other picture websites, so I mostly went with tweets that had pictures attached to them. It still looked fine since it blows up the picture. I think all sporting events would work well with Storify since it does have that clear timeline of events, but other news events that are ongoing may not be the best for Storify since it might take a while to have enough types of media to tell the whole story. It has to be something that is visually pleasing to people in order to be an exciting Storify.

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