Sunday, February 8, 2015

Kelsey's Liveblog Assignment

Vist my liveblog post!

I definitely liked liveblogging more. I think that maybe it helped that I did it after the livetweet assignment, so I was more comfortable with the concept of reporting live on an event. I also noticed that during this event, I definitely did more analysis of what was happening, and I also focused more on restating and condensing what the speaker said instead of always repeating her words completely verbatim

One difference that I noted was just the feeling that I could write as much as I wanted, because I wouldn't be annoying people in my feed. Since it was on my blog, it was just psychologically reassuring to know that viewers would have to specifically want to read my posts in order to see them, versus on Twitter, my posts would come up regardless of whether viewers wanted to see those specific ones, if they followed me. So, in that regard, I definitely felt way more comfortable posting anything and everything during the event.

On the other hand, I think that livetweeting offers way more immediate interactivity. During a large or very significant event, I think that it would be better to livetweet, because then it can gain that connection and momentum that I think is unique to social media. I think that live blogging something is better when it's more reflective, concentrated to a specific community, and not of immediate importance to larger groups.

I think that I feel more comfortable liveblogging, but I want to work on feeling comfortable at livetweeting, since it's such a necessary and influential skill.

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