Saturday, February 7, 2015

Emilie's Storify Assignment

This was the first time ever using storify and I actually really enjoyed it. News breaks everyday on Twitter so it wasn't difficult to find a news story, however, I do think the challenge comes from being timely and also when you're thinking about how and where people are reacting to the news. I think storify works best for recent timely news because the story is meant to tell people's initial reactions and the news that's being broken across different media stations. If the story is as old as a week, the story maintains less significants and the reactions are older and have already been covered. It is also great for directing people to news sites where they can follow up on the news story with more information coming in and being published on the topic in the future. The only thing I didn't like with storify was the scrolling up and down the web page to get through the entire timeline. I like twitter and blogging because you can read on and click without the hassle of getting through the entire "story."

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