Saturday, February 28, 2015

February curation assessment

This is your monthly required self-assessment on how things are going on your curation project. While I've been tracking your activity, I want to hear your own evaluation on the matter. For each of the three areas (Twitter, blog, online community) I'd like you to evaluate the following:

1. Requirements: Have you been doing the required activity (i.e. for the Twitter portion are you tweeting links twice a day according to the syllabus instructions?)

2. Success Stories: Did you have a tweet or a community comment go viral? Did a blog post take off and get read or shared a lot? Dive into your stats and metrics and see where you've had the most success (one hint: log in to Twitter analytics to look at tweets)

3. Areas for improvement: Where could you be doing better? What do you wish you knew more about?

Finally, some global questions:

1. I'd like you to evaluate the quality of the experience: How immersed are you in the online conversation centered around your niche area. Are you getting noticed, and are you getting replies or interactions? When you have, what kinds of things have triggered it? What can you say you've learned so far about the interconnected nature of being a community curator?

2. Hopefully you've been watching your classmates' work. Talk about something interesting one or two classmates have done this semester, either something you liked or something that gave you an idea to try yourself.

Email me your response by the end of Wednesday. I will email you Feedback when that is in.

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