Monday, February 9, 2015

Danielle's live blog

Grammys post-show live blog

I kind of did the process backwards, since I did my live blog assignment before my live tweet assignment. For the most part, I enjoyed live blogging. The event I decided to live-blog, a Grammys post-show video live-stream, ended up being kind of boring. The biggest challenge I encountered was not knowing how frequently to post, and how long each post should be. I also wanted to make sure that I wasn't just reporting what was happening during the show, but also incorporating some of my own thoughts/ideas on what the hosts were discussing.

I have live-tweeted events in the past, and the biggest difference to me is simply the amount of content you can include in a live blog versus live tweeting. You have craft your message a lot more concisely when live tweeting, while you can pretty much say whatever you want when live blogging. Additionally, there's the idea that you aren't filling someone's timeline with your messages when you are live blogging. I like the idea that you can promote your live blog on Twitter, and then people can choose whether or not they want to follow what you're up to. Additionally, I loved that I could quickly get posts up and then back-edit, which you can't do with Twitter.

I don't actually think I ended up having a preference for live tweeting or live blogging. Depending on what you are covering, though, I think it might be beneficial to be able to add some more content with live blogging.

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