Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Emilie's Live Blog


This is my first time ever live blogging an event but the process was really similar to that of live tweeting. As first I was struggling with an event/TV show that related to my topic and could be live blogged about. However, when I heard that a nutritionist was coming to speak to my sorority about dieting, health, and proper nutrition I jumped at the opportunity because my blog is so health and fitness based. 

Live blogging our discussion felt similar to live tweeting and involves a lot of the same skills requiring me to distinguish over blogging, or posting everything that is said, with just blogging the important things as to not drive the readers crazy. I think with blogging you have a little more freedom with that concept because readers actually make the effort to visit your blog and read about the event coverage, while clogging someone's twitter feed that doesn't care about the event with a lot of tweets can get annoying. 

Also, I liked to keep my posts pretty short while live blogging just because its easy to write a longer paragraph onto a post, but it doesn't make the entire coverage as interesting than if you have short and important, or funny posts. I like live tweeting a lot better because I love writing and reading short and clever posts and readers can easily scroll through and follow along. 

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